twenty sixteen

In February, there were pyramid admirations by way of camel rides in the desert, a sunset cruise down the Nile,  and canon balls into the Red Sea in Egypt. In March, I documented the sugar cane fields and rum making magic of Caña Brava in Panama. In November, I attended my second Colombian wedding surrounded by delicious coffee berries near Manizales and walked amongst the tallest palms in the world in Salento!

I celebrated two of my dearest friends before they married the loves of their lives in Santa Fe and Palm Springs. Ventured into the land of Joshua Trees on an epic solo trip. Photographed the creativity and talents of several bartenders in Austin, SF, Brooklyn and Chicago mixing their Modelo cocktail concoctions with my old crew at Legacy Marketing Partners. Paddled a lake in Indiana, backpacked on an island in the middle of Lake Michigan and rang in this new 2017 year on the mountains of Vermont with my most inspired adventure advocate. 

Between all these travels, I was fortunate enough to continue to do what I am most passionate about. I witnessed and captured all the schmoopy moments at a dozen weddings, each one as beautiful and special as the last....a plethora of families (some new, some who's lives I've documented for years) well as a mix of other incredible subjects. I feel such intense gratitude towards, not only, my amazing clients, but my friends, my family, my cheerleaders, my ciritics, and everyone who has ever sang their praises. Without your support, I am certain I would not be afforded such an adventure and beauty filled life. I also wouldn't have the opportunity to witness and immortalize the most important moments in your lives. Thank you forever.