twenty fourteen

Two thousand fourteen began the same way it had for the last three years. The way I had always assumed each new year would begin. Thirteen stops on the brown line, a seven minute walk in the brutally cold snow, to sit for eight to twelve hours in an office, with people for whom I cared deeply but doing work that wasn't always satisfying or rewarding. Rinse, wash, repeat.

It was scary to imagine a life without this routine, until it became the very thing I wanted to escape.  

By the time September rolled around, I had decided to take a chance and make a change (cue Kelly Clarkson, no spreading wings and flying, sadly...but I did break away). I gave my two weeks, which was terrifying. It felt like I was breaking up with an alright guy, but after I spoke the words, I felt light, my heart racing had simmered to a quiet pace and there was a sense of peace and calm. I had made the right choice, and come October I would be my own boss, focus on my photography 100% for the first time in five years, and really pursue the one thing I wanted to do. 

It was a good year, and this next one will be even better. I look forward to 2015, a year to grow as a photographer, an artist and a business woman. To see differently and more creatively. I want to make more connections with other photographers, in hopes of finding a community of artists to educate and inspire one another. Personally and professionally I want to organize more, procrastinate less. Continue to do things that make me happy, i.e. go to yoga as often as possible, make eggs every morning and visit other parts of the US I've never been, starting with Marfa, TX, Baltimore MD, and Portland/Raymond, Maine! I want to live more simply and to take time to appreciate all my friends, my family and even strangers who have supported me in this journey. I can't thank you enough for being my cheerleaders/motivators, mentors and for letting me tag along to capture all the beautiful/special moments in your lives. 


Summary of 2014. A year filled with...

|| Babies. Babies. And more babies! So many beautiful bright eyed babes!
|| A handful of grooms and "you may kiss the brides".
|| A drive down the pacific and a fumble into the ocean. 
|| Some cold ass camping and winter wood walking.  
|| Bar hopping cross country with Modelo Especial.
|| Several silly-who-ettes against epic sunset backgrounds.
|| Music festivals out the ears for days!
|| Delicious pies, doughnuts and some of the hottest toddies I ever did imbibe.  
|| Independence, freedom and peace of mind.
|| Lots of old and a few new friends.
|| Dancing. Always dancing.

All my love. 

(credit for pep jump photo near end goes to Bill Couch, aka Bob Chair and/or Robert Loveseat. thanks, Couch, for taking so many snaps with me this year!)